Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long Over due....

This post is LONG over due.

I haven't blogged since October!
Things in our life have been very crazy the past couple of months.
We have been very busy with work, family, & life in general.

During the winter here in the mountains life is very crazy.
It may be vacation for everyone else, but for me personally,
this winter has been one of the busiest winters so far.
I have been working at the optical store,
 teaching snowboarding lessons, & cutting hair when I can squeeze it in.

The snow more like what snow...has not been making its
annual winter appearance in Vail.
Last winter we had the BEST winter in Vail history.
This winter has been horrible weather wise.

I am counting down the days until summer.
I can hardly wait for all the trees to be green,
the sun beating down warming the earth.
Basically, I need a VACATION!
Let me make it clear...
A TROPICAL vacation.

Family life has been busy as well.
My little nieces & nephew have all have birthday parties.
They are growing up WAY too fast!
My youngest niece was born in December.
I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew.
Their ages range from 7 years old to 4 months.
They are so precious & I love them so much.
They give us practice for when Brock & I add a little member to our family.
My Mom had a little health scare this winter.
I don't want to get into details...but most importantly,
she is fine ( Thank you God ).

My birthday was earlier this month.
My Mom, her husband, and his son came to visit.
It was very exciting because I haven't had a birthday with my family in 6 years!
My Mom was cooking me birthday dinner as well!
Growing up when it was your birthday
Mom would cook us almost anything we wanted for dinner,
I always choose T-bone Steak. YUM!
So as you might have guessed I choose T-bone steak.
I also choose lobster because Brock's birthday was 10 days after mine & he loves it!
So I had dinner picked out days before they came out & I was so excited to go skiing with them.
Two days before my birthday & the day they arrived I got sick.
I thought I would just shake it off and be fine...but I was wrong.
The day before my birthday I had white spots & I was coughing a lot.
I went to the doctor...Strep throat & bronchitis was the answer I got.
All though I was not  feeling the best it was a wonderful day.
I woke up to beautiful flowers from Brock and a beautiful diamond bracelet.
Man, does he love me or what?
All in all it was a wonderful weekend with my loved ones.
I just wish that my Dad and sister were there as well.
Someday soon we will all get together for birthdays.

Brock's birthday was a couple of days ago as well.
I woke up early and cooked him a huge breakfast.
His favorites...French toast, bacon, & eggs.
I also baked and decorated a cake for him.
Chocolate on chocolate.
Ruby thought it was yummy as well..
I got a phone call from Brock saying that he found
his cake half eaten on the floor. Only Ruby.
I got him all new motocross gear.
He looks like a stud in it by the way.
Later that night we went out with some friends and his brother.

I recently sold my car which was bittersweet.
I loved my little BMW, but it was time for something bigger.
Poor Capone didn't have much room in the back seat being 95 lbs!
Ruby of course fits anywhere weighing a hefty 6 lbs.
When we were looking for a car I asked my brother in law for some ideas...
seeing that he has 4 children I thought he would give me some good advice.
I have to mention that Jon is a man's man.
He told me to get a Ford F150. 
I am a small women, about a 100 lbs & stand at 5' 3"...
Little me & an F150 wouldn't be ideal.
We purchased a VW Golf 4 door black.
It is not a huge car, it is perfect for us, not to mention its awesome on gas.
I am very happy that I have it. Car shopping is such a pain.
I am so glad that its in the past.

Well, that's all I have to say for now...
I will try to blog on a regular basis from now on.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Summer & Snow

From Summer to Winter in just a short week.

Brock and I moved back to Colorado last weekend.
Lets just say Arizona is NOT for us.
Of course I miss my Dad...but we are both in places that make US happy.

For the most part our journey back was safe except...
during the first hour and a half of our trip someone lost their drive shaft
in the middle of our lane (NO GOOD). Brock ran it over with the moving truck
and I was behind him and shaft shot straight into my bumper and went into the air.
It was heading for my windshield so I swerved to the right and it hit the side of my car. All in all my bumper is cracked and the side of my car has a mark. I am
just happy that we all were safe.
God was watching over us.

The weather change is wonderful.
We went from 100+ degree weather to 60's.
A week later we have SNOW.
Yes, I woke up this morning to snow falling.
Its beautiful.
I do have to admit that there is really no reason for snow right now.
Its only October 8th...the mountain doesn't open for over a month.
I would really like to enjoy hiking and fall a little more.

Speaking of snow...
The Glover men
(my husband Brock, brother in laws, & father in law)
Are on there annual fly fishing trip.
I hope they are having a great time and its not too cold for them.
From what I saw on facebook my brother in law John had a chipmunk
in his sleeping bag last night. I wonder how that went over with them.
Brock was really looking forward to this trip. I am glad he was able to spend this time with his family, but I can't wait for him to come home.

We are still on a house hunt here.
 I has been hard to find a place in our price range.
It is also hard to find a place that allows the dogs.
People are so against Capone.He is very gentle and loving.
 People seems to not care about Ruby too much.
She only 6 treat to anyone.
I hope that we find our own place soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first year in Bliss.

This past weekend was our one year wedding anniversary!
September 3rd
Even though Brock and I have been together for almost 5 years,
this was year one of marriage.

I would have to say a lot went on during this past year and time really flew by, but we enjoyed getting settled into married life.
I am so happy that I married him. He is my best friend, my soul mate, and will be the father of our children when that time comes.
He completes my life.
Thank you God for bringing us together.

We decided to spend the night at a really nice resort called the
JW Marriott Desert Ridge.
They have a lazy river and a great pool area.

When we arrvied to check in we were upgraded to a jr suite.
The room was huge! Honestly too much for us, but I was not going to
turn it down.

After lounging around in our suite we made our way to the pool area.
It was packed! We weren't going to let it ruin our special time together.
Brock really enjoyed the lazy river and I enjoyed people watching. haha
I am sorry but when you go to a hotel there are some interesting people.

Later that night we went to dinner at Dave & Buster's.
We just wanted to go somewhere to have fun.
We ate and then played games. It was actually a great time.
We even were able to get candy with the tickets we won!

After dinner we arrived back at the room and had a free
movie from the hotel. We just spent the rest of
 the night enjoying eachother's company.

I bet your wondering where Capone and Ruby were...
My dad was dog sitting for us. They are his granddogs. haha
 They LOVE going to his house. Capone ALWAYS steals his seat.

The next day we had a good breakfast and went to the pool for a couple more hours. It was just nice to be able to relax with Brock. It was great all in all.

As for gifts that we exchanged...
I bought Brock a bikini top for the jeep and some handles to get into it.
Brock had put a lot of work into it before the trip to Arizona.
He really needed and DESERVED them.
Brock bought my a beautiful ring.
Its white gold with 3 hearts and little diamonds in the middle heart.

My Ring

Well today has been one of those tough days for me.
Today marks one year that our dear friend Nick passed.
He was and still is such a great person and friend.
He was VERY loving and caring. It makes me so sad that he is gone.
I know that God has him in a great place and he is now an angel watching over us. He has left behind a 4 year old daughter that misses him dearly.
I trust in God that he will comfort her and help her deal with the loss.

Nick... I know you are in a better place. You are with the almighty.
Please continue to watch over us and protect us.
Please say hello to my Papa Joe, my grandma, grandpa, & my gramps.
Please tell them how much we all love and miss them.
We think of you often and miss you always. 
Thank you and may you rest in peace.


I found out that I have to go back to school for hair in Arizona in order to get my hair license here. UGH. I was in school for a year and a half. I graduated top of my class! Isn't that enough???

That is all I have for tonight.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making this house into our home

Good Morning!
First off, I would like to thank my wonder sister in law for this beautiful new lay out on my blog.

As you know Brock and I just made the move to Arizona.
For the first time we have a house, not an apartment...
to call ours.

The only thing is when we moved in it was just a house, and we are now starting to make it our home.

When Brock first arrived to stay 2 weeks ago I took him to Ikea.
Believe it or not, he likes to decorate our house. Well maybe not decorate...he likes to put his style into it. He ended liking Ikea a lot. We walked through the whole store and took our time. It was very exciting because that was the first time we really have been able to pick out things for a home. I was so excited but I am very picky about what I like and so is Brock. We ended up picking out all the same styles. I should say we window shopped, didn't buy.
Of course we picked up a couple little items. How can you resist Ikea?

Last night was the first time our house started to feel like a home.

Brock came home from work early and I was cleaning and cooking. We sat down for dinner as a family. Even the dogs were in the kitchen. I went to take my first bite and Brock stopped me...he said Can we pray? I looked at him very surprised and said yes. He grabbed my hands and started praying. I was so taken back in a good way. I know he probably doesn't want me telling everyone, but it was awesome!

After dinner he wanted to go to Ikea again. YIPPEE!!! I ate fast, changed out of my cleaning clothes and grabbed my purse. You don't have to tell me twice when it comes to Ikea.

If you are a bargain shopper like us, Ikea has a great little room right by the check out called "As is". Its furniture that may have just a little chip or was on the show room floor.Yes, some things are more damaged then others. You just need to look through things and grab those great deals! Last time we were there we got a side table for $4.00!

Anyway...We ended up getting a coffee table, a modern rocking chair that Brock picked out. I asked him why a rocking chair...we have nothing to rock to sleep. ha ha I just like to tease him about having children. WE ARE NOT PLANNING ON HAVING ONE ANYTIME SOON. Just had to make that clear.
Oh, and another little side table that matches the other one.

We also decided on colors of the house. 
The living room will be brown, black, and tan.
(I know your thinking why???) We have tanish tile in our home and it looks very nice all together. Brown wasn't my favorite either but it honestly looks great! The kitchen is going to be colorful. Spring greens, corals, and another that we haven't really decided. The guest bedroom...who knows. That is the last room on my mind. It still has boxes piled in it. Our bathroom is Zebra. All black and white.

Our bedroom...That's a hard one. BUT today I figured it out. Shh, I haven't told Brock. He has picked out things for the living room and kitchen so the bedroom is mine! Since I don't want to spend a lot and I LOVE to get creative, I am going to make a head board and foot board myself. Yes, I can use power tools and yes, I am allowed in Brock's tool box as long as I put things back.
So this Friday I will start my new project. I will gather my supplies and get my plan together. Saturday is our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY so I will enjoying that day and night with Brock. So on Sunday I might start my project.
I will keep you up dated on how it comes along...and sorry I am not telling until its all finished.

This is the start to the living room.
We will be adding pictures and art to the walls.
I will be sure to post pictures!
There's Capone & Ruby enjoying there new home!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turning pages & Adventures.

Did you ever go to the Library as a child? It was such a fascinating place to go. There were SO many books about anything you were interested in. It was almost like walking in a forest of books. What a wonderful place.

Recently I have started enjoying the library again. Here in my new town the library is pretty big. When you walk in the staff is right there to guide you to your new reading adventure. It also new and modern. There is even a mini cafe for you coffee drinkers ( I drink decaf, I know weird ). The main level has adult books, DVDs, Cd's, and a computer lab. I have yet to venture to the bottom level which is the children/teen level. Maybe I will do that today just to see the light in a child's eye from walking through the great book forest. I know when Brock and I have children I will take them to the library to learn, make friends, and spend some quality family time together.

Today as you might as guessed, I am at the local library. Enjoying the sounds of turning pages, smells of old books, and the interesting people here. It is my day off today and I really enjoy spending a couple hours here. It is really a relaxing place (just ask the gentlemen sleeping down the row from me). While I am here I really get away from daily worries. I just breathe deep and sit down....and I am off on my adventure in a book or even on the Internet. I have taken an interest in I know how odd for a 23 year old to like to know whats going on in the world. I also am trying to read a new book called, "Alice I have been" by Melanie Benjamin. It is about what Alice and wonderlands life was like after she got out of the hole. I just like reading books that take me all over the place and do not have any relevance to my life. Its my get away from life time.

I know we all are busy with daily life, but try out your local library again. If you have a couple hours you do not know what to do with just go and check it out. If you have children bring them and watch how happy they are in a positive place. Just grab a random book of your interest that will relax you and your favorite drink and start your new adventure today.

Have and wonderful day

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching up....

I know...I know...Its been a very long time since I have posted. I really had a lot going on with the new move, starting my new job and getting acclimated with this HEAT! 

Where to start? Well, I was living with my dad for almost a month until I found a place for us to live. It wasn't as bad as you may think. He was very welcoming and very helpful with my dogs while I was at work and looking for a place to live.

As for house hunting...not as good of an experience. Looking for a house in a place that you really don't know is very difficult. I wanted to be close to my work, but I work in Scottsdale and its VERY expensive. It would be just like living in Vail and that is NOT why we moved here. Then you have to look at the neighborhood and let me tell you some look nice and then you drive through them more and they are not so nice. It was days of searching for the right one. FINALLY! I found the right one. Its 2 bedrooms, one bath, AND it has a private backyard for the dogs! PLUS, it was a great price. I was so relieved to find it. It was not as close to my work as I was used to, but its only a 25 minute drive so that's not too bad. OH, and I had to pick it out alone because Brock was still living in Colorado. That made me nervous, but he likes it thank goodness.

After the house hunt,not seeing my husband for 3 weeks, and starting my new job I was really ready to be in my own house so that I could relax in my own space and the dogs could have their first backyard. That was not going to happen...all of my "stuff" was still in Colorado. The next week Brock, my brother, and a friend came and brought me all of our things. I was so happy to see Brock and my brother. It was a short trip for them...only one full day, which wasn't enough if you ask me.

The next two weeks until Brock made his offical move my dad and I got some things done around the house. Man, if it wasn't for my dad I don't know what I would do. He helped me with so many things like changing the faucet on our kitchen sink. I couldn't have done done it.

The worst of getting the house ready deserves its own paragragh....
I HAD TO KILL BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS! Yes, the poisonous ones. EWW.
The first one that I found was about 1.5 feet from my back door. So I had to kill it right away. All I could think of that would kill it was bleach....I was wrong. Bleach doesn't even knock them down. I killed that one and went to the store the next day and got Spider/Scopian killer spray, Bug guard spray for the perimator spray, and this organic bug killer for our grass. YES, I went bug killer crazy all alone. As I was spraying the aback patio down 3 more Black Widows came out. Killed them right away. Then another popped out while my dad was over and he got that one. The last one popped out after Brock arrived. Even he was freaked out. I made him kill that one. He couldn't believe how big it was...with legs and body it was almost the size of a silver dollar. YUCK!!!!

I am sure you would like to know how the dogs are doing...They are great. They really LOVE all the space in the house. The backyard was an adventure for them. They haven't had their own backyard ever. When I first would let them outside they would stare at me through the window like "HELLO, why are you leaving us out here all alone?" It was very cute. Now, they go right out and explore. They love to sun bathe in the morning. They both find a sun spot usually Capone is on the sidewalk and Ruby finds one in the grass.

Brock has been here for a week now. I can't even tell you how great it is to have him here. I missed my soul mate, my best friend, and my side kick so much. It really is no fun being away. We had to live apart when we first got engaged, but this was worse.

This past week we did a lot of exploring our new city. We have been to every mall but 2 I think. We went to In and Out Burger (YUM). We also went tubing down the Salt River which was awesome. Its like Colorado tubing but the water is warm. What a nice change. On Sunday we went golfing. We golf for free at my work. Its a great perk for Brock and my dad. The course is very nice and normally over $145.00 a round.

He has already found a job and today was his first day :) I have yet to find out how it went, he is still at work. At lunch he said it was going good. I am crossing my fingers that he likes it.

That is all for now. Pictures will come later.

Have a great day !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A week of packing and moving...

Its been about a week since my last post, but I have a good excuse!
I have been packing our home in Colorado to move to Arizona. A week's worth of packing and cleaning. I am over it. Thank God for my mother in law! She was there helping every step of the way. With out her I would have gone crazy,Brock was working the whole week so it would have been just up to me if she didn't come to the rescue!

After packing a 5 by 10 ft storage unit full of everything that we own (besides the things I brought with me to Arizona). Brock and I set off on the 10 hour journey through the mountains, desert, back through the mountains, down to the Valley of Phoenix. Oh, yes the dogs came with. So in my little BMW was packed with all of my things and us. Man!!! It was packed! Capone is not a "car dog". He gets very restless. Ruby on the other hand is content just sitting on your lap the whole time. When we went through Moab, Utah there was a big thunder storm. It was pouring! Ruby was scared because of the thunder, she tried hiding under the drivers seat. The rest of the trip was hot until we got to Flagstaff (which felt like Vail...about 75 and sunny!). Flagstaff if beautiful! Not as pretty as Vail though. Then we made our final decent to the Phoenix area. It was 98 degree's at 9 o'clock at night! Brock and I just kept asking each other what we were thinking.

All that matters is that we arrived safe and sound. God guided us to my new home. I am so thankful for his presence during our trip.

Now, Its 9:12 am in sunny Arizona. I woke up at about 7:45 am and the outside temp was about 78 degree's. It now 84! The heat comes fast here. It is supposed to be 100 today! We will see how Brock and I do with the heat. That is the biggest part that scares me about living here. Not only for us...but for our dogs. They LOVE being outside, but with the extreme heat I will look out for their well being before fun!

So for to you later. I will let you know how our first day goes here in our new home!

-Holly G.
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